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BITCOIN mapping to $10000 by the end of the year!

I could summarize my analysis on the following phrase: "Swing pull back, consolidation and almost $10000 by the end of 2019"!


But I guess that wouldn't be enough as you, like me, want some justification, a technical foundation behind every price movement. And you are right!


So on today's analysis I have used two indicators: the Gaussian Channel and the Normalized MACD (NMACD).


The Gaussian Channel clearly shows that Bitcoin is entering the red ( bearish reversal) zone which in 2015 delivered the last rejection before the final low of the consolidation phase (or as others like to call it the "Accumulation/ Distribution phase"). The final low (in 2015) provided a +165% rise on th next bullish sequence. If we apply this on the current price action, we will be looking at roughly $9650 by December 2019.


Note that both sequences take place within the swing curve leading into the Halvings.


On top of that, the NMACD clearly shows us where we stand within the cycle (noted with purple circles) and the consolidation that is to come.

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