There are always some essential steps you need to take especially if you are new to trading.

First of all, you need to understand what trading is and to understand this you have to familiarize yourself with fundamental terms that will follow you during this journey. For more trading terms you can check out our glossary here.


Trading For Beginners

What is trading?


In short, trading online means you can buy and sell financial products through an online trading system, consequently, you need to find an easily accessible and comfortable platform that enables access on all investment markets so you will be free to evaluate and choose the proper type of trading that suits your needs and transforms you to the trader you aim to be.

Basic ways to start trading


To choose an investment type is a simple step when you know what you are doing. Some traders decide to open trades in base of their emotions, some recommended by a friend or advised by a financial specialist.

Whatever you establish to do we strongly recommend to choose carefully, this is an important step that should be based on your previous experience. You will for sure improve your trading understanding by making slow and secure steps.

There are basically

three ways to get started


Beginners should get in contact with a financial representant to make the first steps. You need to learn the basics, to get guidance and directions until you become able to start opening independently your own trades. For you, as you will see, is strongly recommended to start with a minimal account.


Here are included self-learned persons, by virtue of the previous experiences you had, you are attracted to study and analyze pertinent information and materials. At this point, since you love to explore, with the proper materials you will find very easily what path you need to follow. After learning this, you'll just have to find a comfortable platform and the appropriate support you'll be needing to achieve your goals.


Here are the "Go Deeper-s", who have an extended trading experience and feel more confident. If you find yourself here, you have obvious goals and just need the perfect platform to dive in. Finding the right platform everything gets easier.

For this type of investors is recommended a professional account, with increased knowledge expected an extended profit.

How to Open a position?




To open a position takes 3 moves:

Choosing a product, Entering Your Trade Amount

and Clicking Buy or Sell

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Leverage Trading

To simplify, logically for making a profit, you should buy at a low price and sell at a higher price.


If you invest a small amount the profit will be small too. But using Leverage Trading you have the possibility to increase the profit.


For example, if you exchange 1000 Euros to Dollars and back you can make a profit of 10 Euro, using leverage you can make a profit up to 4000 Euros.


An additional investment strategy that operates with borrowed capital is Margin Trading. In this case the borrowed capital is used to trade a financial asset that then becomes the collateral. Almost every market can use margin.


Leverage trading is the most suitable tool for making the greatest profit in financial markets.



CFD Trading

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are also referred like "derivatives". When you buy stocks , you own respective portions of them. But in our case, when you buy CFD, you do not own them, which means that CFDs does not show possession you just open your path to new trading opportunities.

CFD can be traded in short or long positions (1/2days or 1 week/months) it is always up to traders to decide, anyway the gateway to making CFD trading opportunities is in interpreting market data and it takes knowledge and experienced assistance to interpret the data.

It is known that the prices of the market go up and down and there are many factors that can affect it like supply and demand. If supply goes up during the time that demand goes down, prices will go down too. And the other way, if supply goes down during the time that demand goes up, value will go up.

So a good trader should keep all affecting factors under control and predict the future values of each product in this way, he may be willing to trade CFD for any market.

CFD on Stocks

CFD on Commodities

CFD on Forex



Forex Strategies

Forex is always traded in pairs, in forex you speculate in the progress between two currencies against each other on a determined period.

Before you start trading forex you have to understand how the two currencies interact and you should take in consideration all the strategies you can rely on this way you can make a smart move.


• Trend following or so-called trend trading - An effective strategy is to buy when a trend is taking speed and sell when the trend is slowing its speed. This strategy lean to be more dominant among technical traders.



• A trending market - The price moves steadily, in a single direction. This is a valuable strategy for exchanging currencies because they are exchanged a lot more than others, meaning that competition between them is more likely to give an obvious and recognizable tendency.

• Sentiment Analysis - It's mainly the trader’s personal courage and determination

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Risk Warning: Trading Forex, Stocks, Commodity and CFDs carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of part or all of your investment.


Before starting a trade please investigate well the investment objectivesm risk and expenses or ask for professional help.

It is important to understand the risk involved with self-trading.

Leverage as well can work against you as well as for you.

You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Investors are responsible for the decisions they make which should be based on an evaluation of their financial circumstances, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs.

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